American Educational Researcher Association — Annual Meeting, 2015

Today I presented my dissertation at AERA, in a session titled Methods Explosion! Showcasing Innovation, within Division B – Curriculum Studies – Section 3: Challenging Methodological and Representational Boundaries.

My presentation presented the main results of my dissertation, which contributes to the national project: Living and learning with new literacies in and outside secondary school: contributions to reducing drop-out, exclusion and disaffection among youth. MINECO. EDU2011-24122.

While the topics were disparate, it was an interesting session that brought together different methodological approaches, namely:

  • concept creation (Southern womanism, Berlisha R. Morton)
  • a transdisciplinary approach to historical “text” (Christine Baron & Christina L. Dobbs)
  • an arts-informed representation of learning imaginaries (me!)
  • a pedagocial praxis of video-as-détournement (James Trier)

Jame Trier gave a delightful discussion of McLaren as spectacle, which was a surprise to the audience and a great reminder that conference presentations can be fun, engaging and spontaneous.

I’m looking forward to getting his book, actually: Detournement as pedagogical praxis, which I browsed at the expo even though I didn’t have room to take it home with me!

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