Art and Education for Social Justice Symposium 2018

I recently served as chair and program coordinator for the 2018 Art and Education for Social Justice Symposium, co-hosted by the Florida State University’s Department of Art Education and College of Fine Arts, the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art and Center for Human Rights and Social Justice – School of Social Work. We hosted 37 presentations drawing from all regions of the US!

Revisiting data: negative space and the palimpsest

This week at the Art Education Research Institute‘s first annual symposium I presented a paper where I revisited some of the data from my dissertation. Rather than analyze how the young people represented the results of our collaborative project, I attempt to look at the negative spaces surrounding this material and question the work of representation in educational research. Later I explored the palimpsest as a strategy to keep meaning-making in play.

ECER 2015

European Conference on Educational Research, 2015

Last week I attended ECER with the Esbrina research group (University of Barcelona). While there I presented some of the results of my dissertation in the Ethnography network, focusing on the use of the mobilities paradigm as an analytical framework for youth learning practices. This analysis will be published in an upcoming issue of International Journal of Extended Education, most likely by the end of the year.

AERA 2015

American Educational Researcher Association — Annual Meeting, 2015

Today I presented my dissertation at AERA, in a session titled Methods Explosion! Showcasing Innovation, within Division B – Curriculum Studies – Section 3: Challenging Methodological and Representational Boundaries.