I had four presentations at NAEA this year, which took place March 2-4 in New York City. Each presentation was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with students, friends and colleagues.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 15.09.38

With Laura Trafí-Prats & Aurelio Castro Varela

REMAKING THE URBAN, RETHINKING THE CITY: Participatory visual arts based research

This presentation united three researchers as we exchanged ideas about our localized project of participatory visual arts based research in the city. One of the aims of this exchange was to create the philosophical and methodological framework for an edited book featuring a collection of chapters on participatory visual arts based research and pedagogy through a posthumanist lens. Currently, the book caries the working title of Becoming lively in participatory visual arts based reearch: Essays on the power, aesthetics and pedagogy in the neoliberal city.


With Jay Thiel, Tina Thompson, Gloria Wilson, Sara Scott Shields, Brooke Hofsess, Kimberly Powell, Elizabeth Dubin, Laura Trafí-Prats. Convened by Chistopher Schulte.

I was invited to share my experiences of thinking with theory in art education and I spoke about nomadic pedagoy and shared the beginnings on my paper about last year’s inquiry into desire paths with pre-service students. It was a pleasure to hear all these voices speaking from their own research perspectives. A whirlwind but worth it!

AET & CSTAE SUPER SESSION: Critical Digital Making

Using digital media production to empower and engage youth in community and social justice issues

This presentation shared the work we’ve been doing this year with teens at the Palmer Munroe Teen Center. Alexandra Allen, PhD Candidate, presented on the development of the project and our preliminary results.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 15.35.31

A Free Community Art Program: How it Happened and Where it’s Going

With Jennifer Hamrock, PhD candidate, we shared the learning and unlearning that resulted from designing and implementing a free arts summer camp, Artcation, in collaboration with the DIY space the Plant in downtown Tallahassee.

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