Referreed journal articles

Fendler, R. & Miño Puigcercós, R. New learning imaginaries: Youth perspectives on learning in and outside school. International Journal for Research on Extended Education 3(2).

Fendler, R. & Miño Puigcercós, R. (2015). Beyond the classroom: Learning in a changing society. [Más allá de las aulas: aprender en una sociedad cambiante]. Cuadernos de Pedagogía, 453: 54-57. [Written in Spanish].

Sánchez, J. A., Giró, X. & Fendler, R. (2015). An opportunity for students who don’t meet school expectations. [Una oportunidad para los que no cumplen las expectativas]. Cuadernos de Pedagogía, 453: 70-73. [Written in Spanish].

Hernández-Hernández, F., Sancho, J. M., & Fendler, R. (2015, under review). The grey zones of students and teachers as event: Learning from what disturbs us. [Las zonas grises de estudiantes y docentes como acontecimiento: Aprender de lo que nos perturba.] Revista ibero-americana de educación.  [Written in Spanish].

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Onsès, J., Fendler, R., & Hernández-Hernández, F. (2012). An a/r/tographic inquiry into the experience of silence in the university classroom [Una investigación a/r/tográfica sobre la experiencia del silencio en las clases de la universidad]. Invisibilidades 3: 29-40. [Written in Spanish].


Vidiella, J., Fendler, R., & Delgado García, J.A. (Eds.). (2015). Col·lectivaccions: Reconstructing pedagogical relationships based on artistic practices. [Col·lectivaccions: re-construint relacions pedagògiques des de la pràctica artística]. Barcelona: Institut de Cultura. [Bilingual in Catalan and Spanish].

Sinapsis, Rodrigo, J., & Fendler, R. (2009). Arts in healthcare. Itineraries and tools for developing collaborative projects [Arts en contextos sanitaris. Itineraris i eines per desenvolupar projectes col·laboratius]. Barcelona: Alternativa jove per la interculturalitat. ISBN: 978-84-613-6937-9. [Written in Catalan].

Book chapters

Fendler, R. & Hernández-Hernández, F. (2015). Visual culture as living inquiry: looking at how young people reflect on, share and narrate their learning practices in and outside school. In, I. Aguirre (Ed.), mor thN img cnsmrs: Mapping and evaluating research on Young people as Visual Culture Producers, pp. 281-297. Pamplona: Public University of Navarra. ISBN: 978-84-7681-871-8.

Hernández-Hernández, F., Fendler, R., & Sancho, J.M. (2014). Framing multi-sited ethnography as an approach for coping with the complexity of young people’s ways of learning, communicating and expressing themselves in and outside secondary schools. In, P. Landri, A. Maccarini, & R. de Rosa (Eds.), Networked together: Designing participatory research in online ethnography, pp. 97-106. Naples: CNR-IRPPS. DOI: 10.3233/978-88-98822-02-7-10.

Sancho, J. M., Hernández-Hernández, F., Arrazola, J., Fendler, R., Padilla-Petry, P., Herraiz, F. (2014). Young immigrants’ successful journeys into higher education and the professional sector. Decolonizing the gaze toward the other. [Trajectòries d’èxit de joves immigrants a l’ensenyament superior i al món professional. Descolonitzant la mirada sobre l’altre.] In, M. Garcia (Coord.), Recerca i immigració VI, pp. 29-50. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya. [Written in Catalan].

Fendler, R. (2013). Mapping places of learning: reflections on the use of social cartography in educational contexts. [Mapeando los lugares de aprendizaje: reflexiones sobre el uso de la cartografía social en contextos educativos]. In Edarte, research group (Ed.), II Jornadas. Investigar con jóvenes ¿Qué sabemos de los jóvenes como productores de Cultura Visual?, pp. 222-232. Pamplona: Public University of Navarra. ISBN: 978-84-7681-763-6. [Written in Spanish].

Hernández-Hernández, F., Sancho, J.M., & Fendler, R. (2012). When the “(playing) field” has no physical limits: Ethnographic research with young people on their learning experiences outside school. In, S. Marques da Silva & P. Landri (Eds.), Rethinking Educational Ethnography: Researching On-line Communities and Interactions, pp. 13-26. Porto: University of Porto. ISBN: 978-989-8471-04-8.

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